Briard Finn mit Sabine WagnerBriard Finn mit Sabine WagnerBriard Finn mit Sabine Wagner

Finn des Travailleurs Barbus – how it all started...

After our female Pon, Fee, passed away, we began to search for a breeder of black Briards. We chose Elke Hilger with her „scraggly workers“ (des Travailleurs Barbus) from Kaiserslautern. After one visit we knew that was where we wanted to get our next dog. Elke had chosen the Swedish Champion Cartier Monzerat Hellas to father the F-litter of her elite breeding female Kenia Romani. But then we had to be patient and wait until the summer of 2007.

Finn's birth and his first weeks

Finn was born on 10th July, 2007 at 2:50 p.m. as the second puppy of four littermates (3/1). At birth he weighed 522 g. He was marked with a green ribbon.

From when he was four weeks old we visited him and his littermates at least once a week and admired the upbringing of the puppies with all the acoustic and optical impressions in the breeder's garden. These formative weeks made him a fearless little fellow who felt comfortable the minute he arrived at his new home. He attended puppy training from his 10th week which he obviously enjoyed. After all, he already knew tunnels, wobbly planks, etc.. He very much enjoyed the social contact with fellow dogs.

The first months, obedience school and seminar on tending sheep

We have been working with Finn twice a week at the canine club “Hundesportverein Bauschlott e.V.“ since he was six months old. He shows great enthusiasm in his work. This was also the reason why we decided to attend a seminar with Stefan Schmidt on tending sheep. Despite his young age of 14 months he passed with flying colours.

Finn – a dog with a personality

At home Finn is a calm, well-adjusted dog, who knows exactly when his mistress has to work and does not have any time for him. He stays alone without any difficulty. He is alert without being overeager.


Verbände bei denen wir mit Briard Finn des Barbadus Mitglied sind Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) Briard Club Deutschland, e.V (BCD) Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH) e. V (VDH) Union Européen du Berger de Brie (UEBB)





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